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Matthias Dell from Anfrage

Dienstag, 03-10-17 12:29

Hallo,ich suche alles über Familie Stefan und Anna Massong aus Lazarfeld. Wer kann helfen?
Vielen Dank. Matthias


Patricia Dekreon from Harlingen, Texas USA

Montag, 24-04-17 19:58

I was born to Theresa Tillman nee Deceron/Dekreon on 04/09/1947. My mother's parents, John and Magdalena Dekreon/Decreon are directly related to the Dekreon aka Decreon family on this site! I thank you for preservation of these photos and descriptions preserved on this site. You have finally literally opened my eyes to my my family's life in Europe.


Elliot Everett from Uruguay

Dienstag, 24-01-17 00:24

Greetings. My great grandfather, Wenzel Pfeiffer, was born in Lazarfeld in the 1800s. He married Klara Beirle from Katalinfalva. They had 3 children: Elisabetta, Magdalena and Albert. My grandmother, Magdalena, was born in Oradea/Nagyvárad in 1906. My grandmother moved to Uruguay in 1930, but the rest of the family stayed in Romania (Temesvár) and later moved to Karlsruhe, Germany. I would like to meet my second cousins living in Germany (8 grandchildren of Albert Pfeiffer born in 1909 in then Hungary, now Romania) and to learn more about the history of my Swabian family.


Jean Hagen

Sonntag, 04-12-16 15:23

I viewed the Lazarfeld information. I have relatives from Lazarfeld.


Virag Margarete

Mittwoch, 24-08-16 09:29

Meine Großeltern waren Katharina ( geb.Beni)und Peter Dech aus Tscherwenka.Meine Mutter Margarete hat Adam Falkenstein geheiratet.

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